Men and Plastic Surgery

As a man, are there certain aspects of your appearance you would like to improve? Perhaps you’ve consideredplastic surgery to reduce the appearance of lines on your face or possibly removing fat from areas of your body. If these issues concern you on a consistent basis, it’s time you contact Kurtis Martin M.D. for a consultation about procedures such as faceliftliposuctionblepharoplastyor gynecomastia.

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You should consider a facelift when you are dissatisfied with your facial situation.  Facelifts can be performed with a variety of techniques.  Some are minimally invasive and quick while others are more invasive and involved.  For instance, a mini facelift is a relatively quick procedure with short incisions and minor tightening of the skin.  The more involved procedure will require deeper incisions and a longer recovery time –often with longer lasting results. 

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If you’ve ever been told your face has a “tired” look, it could be due to excess fat and undesirable droopiness in the eyes.  Blepharoplasty can be performed for upper and lower eye issues to remove excess fat and smooth out the areas of the eyes.  Blepharoplasty can be performed with small incisions, chemical peels or lifts that reduce unflattering appearances in the eyes –creating a more refreshed, youthful look.

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This term refers to abnormally large breasts in men.  While gynecomastia resolves itself in a majority of cases, some men must continue living with the condition. This procedure begins with a liposuction of the breast to remove fat and excess breast tissue. An incision is then made around the areola t to remove abnormal breast tissue.  For more information visit the gynecomastia page


Liposuction removes areas of the body that feature pockets of fat that detract from a person’s appearance.  During the procedure, the affected area is filled with fluid followed by a tube inserted into a small incision to vacuum the excess fat away. 

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Kurtis Martin M.D. is an experienced plastic surgeon offering different types of treatments for a variety of conditions.  If you’ve considered procedures mentioned, please contact Kurtis Martin M.D. for your consultation.

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