Considering a facelift treatment? Now is the time to learn more!

Most people can’t help but look in the mirror and notice the physical changes to their appearance over time.  Even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may not be satisfied with the visible signs of aging. Perhaps you’ve considered a facelift to rejuvenate yourself; allowing you to look the way you feel.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking or even genetics may have effects on the face that are best treated by a facelift treatment. So if you’re considering a facelift treatment, now is the time to learn more.

What will a facelift do?

If you look in the mirror frequently, you’ve probably noticed more visible signs of aging.  As we age, muscles in our face begin to lose tone, leading to a droopy appearance.  The jowls may start sagging, creating the appearance of a double chin.  Skin also begins thinning, making wrinkles and frown lines near the mouth and under the eye lids appear more prominent.   

Different faces age differently.  Luckily, there are advances in facelift procedures designed to improve nearly every facial situation.  Facelifts can improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck such as:

  • Sagging skin
  • Creases along the nose and below the eyelids
  • Loose skin
  • Excess fat deposits below the chin

Is a facelift right for me?

Plastic surgeons perform facelift surgeries using a variety of methods with different desired outcomes.  An ASPS certified surgeon will first consult with you to determine the best options for your facelift treatment.  The idea is to find achievable results that will give your face a natural, rejuvenated look.  This detailed consultation and expert opinion will give a clearer understanding of what to expect including:

  • The type of procedure you’ll need
  • Recovery time
  • Projected results

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If you think you’re too old for a facelift, you’re wrong.  While there is no way to completely halt the aging process, a facelift can provide long-lasting, results that slow the effects of aging.  If you’re interested in facelift surgery, consult with a surgeon certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  They will have the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate your facial situation and determine the best treatment for you. 

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