What’s the newest way to lose those unwanted fatty areas you’ve worked so hard to get rid of without surgery or downtime? Introducing Coolsculpting, a revolutionary, non invasive procedure that freezes the fat away with a 1 hour treatment. Using a patented method called Cryolipolysis, the fat is cooled to just above freezing, resulting in gradual elimination of the fat cells by the body. CoolSculpting uses no needles or anesthesia and pain medicine is generally not needed. Patients can return to normal activity immediately. Results are seen in 3-8 weeks and max out at 3 months. For maximal fat removal, it is recommended that the patient undergo two treatments 1 month apart. Some practices are using back to back treatments on the same area (stacking), and we are currently evaluating the results of this format.

 The best candidates for CoolSculpting are patients who are of normal to above normal weight but have localized areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise. Since only a small amount of fat is targeted with each treatment, CoolSculpting is not generally effective for severely overweight patients.

 In November of 2013 we purchased 2 CoolSculpting machines and it has been busy since day 1.  Patients are giving rave reviews to this newest fat removal treatment.Three of the office staff has been treated as well as Dr. Martin. According to Dr. Martin the procedure was simple and easy to tolerate.

“Once the procedure began, I felt a strong pressure on my love handles but no discomfort.  During the massage the entire area was tender but not painful. I experienced some bruising and a small amount of swelling but otherwise continued with my daily routine.  At 3 weeks the love handles started to shrink and flatten out. The results were better then I expected and I am looking forward to my second treatment next month.”

 If you are interested in liposuction but don’t want an invasive procedure, consider a consultation for CoolSculpting. You will find it more affordable and with less complications than traditional fat removal. If you would like more information on CoolSculpting visit  or for actual patient reviews.

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