Addressing Your Mid-Face First

Most patients come in for dermal fillers specifically for an area that needs immediate filling, however they don’t realize that prevention in the mid-face is really what needs to be addressed. When we think of the face we need to think of dividing it into thirds. The first third primarily being the forehead and eyes, middle third consisting of cheeks and upper nasolabial folds, and lower third around the mouth and jawline. If we continually fill the lower face we are not addressing the real problem in the mid-face where there is a lack of volume in the cheeks and along the zygoma. Having volume in your middle face with products such as Voluma will help you appear younger, refreshed, and improve the appearance of the aging lower face. The next time you see your practitioner about filling your lines, take a look at those cheeks and consider giving yourself that volume back. You will be thanking yourself later!

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