CoolSculpting Results: What You Can Expect

CoolSculpting Results: What You can Expect You’ve counted calories and hit the gym, but the stubborn areas of fat around your middle simply won’t budge. One of our 68-year-old patients had the same problem and found her solution in the innovative CoolSculpting treatment available at [primary_practice]. She came to us after her dieting efforts refused to eliminate the fat around her middle, which grew from a pinchable inch to many inches of belly fat. This patient knew she wasn’t ready to explore liposuction, due to some of the complications she associated with this surgical procedure. So she put her cosmetic goals on the backburner until someone at [primary_practice] told her about CoolSculpting. After our staff had answered all of her questions about this treatment, she decided to schedule her first body contouring procedure.

Trimming the Fat with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates unwanted fat cells through targeted cooling. Fat cells respond to cold at higher temperatures than other body cells, which means we can destroy that stubborn fat without disrupting surrounding skin and tissue. The cold is delivered via applicators that never penetrate the skin, which means you see positive results with minimal discomfort and downtime during and after the procedure. Our CoolSculpting patient had the treatment performed on various areas of her body, including her upper, middle and lower abdomen. She reported that the first five minutes of the procedure were slightly uncomfortable as her body adapted to the colder temperature. Throughout the rest of the hour-long treatment, she was able to relax while her unwanted fat cells were destroyed. Those treated fat cells would be eliminated by her body’s natural processes over time, while she saw her midsection grow smaller and trimmer in the months following her procedures.

Cutting the Time Factor

CoolSculpting treatments typically take one hour to complete per treatment area. However, Dr. Martin now offers two CoolSculpting machines, which allows him to treat twice the treatment areas in the same amount of time. This is a huge time-saver for our patients, giving them faster procedures with the same stellar results they have come to love with CoolSculpting.

Getting Results

Once your procedure is completed, you will see slimming in the treatment area take place over time. The body will gradually flush out the destroyed fat cells, so your changes will be both gradual and natural. Our patient that had all of the areas of her abdomen treated saw and felt a difference within two months of her procedure, as her pants and jeans were much easier to fit into and more comfortable to wear. Her results were precisely what she was hoping for, and now she recommends this treatment to others looking to fit into clothing more comfortably. Other patients that have undergone CoolSculpting at [primary_practice] have been able to go down one full clothing size within a matter of months after their procedure. As a general rule, a single CoolSculpting session will eliminate about 25 percent of the fat in the treatment area. If you are unhappy with your body shape and diet and exercise have not done the trick, perhaps CoolSculpting is the right choice for you as well. To learn more about this non-invasive procedure, contact [primary_practice] at [primary_phone] or 888-616-9061 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Martin today.

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