Happy Father’s Day: Best Cosmetic Treatments for Men

With Father’s Day on the way, now is the time to plan something special for that man in your life. Instead of the traditional “male” gifts that are probably accumulating in the back of his closet, why not give him a gift that will keep on giving to both him and you? Plastic surgery is becoming a trend for men as well as women, as male patients are starting to realize the myriad of benefits these procedures offer. Here are some of our best cosmetic treatments for men at [primary_practice].


When your eyes start to look more tired than you feel due to drooping lids and puffiness underneath the eyes, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery might be the right option for you. This surgical procedure removes loose skin and tissue from the upper and lower eyelids to open up the eyes and create a refreshed appearance. This outpatient procedure can be done on the upper, lower or both lids at the same time. Recovery time is about two weeks, and the results can last for many years.


Reversing signs of aging isn’t a benefit only enjoyed by the female set. When loose skin creates cheek hollowing, deep facial creases and the formation of jowls along the jawline, a facelift might be in order. This surgery repositions underlying fat and tissue that have succumbed to gravity while removing loose, redundant skin to create a smoother surface to the skin. Fullness and definition can also be restored to the cheeks and jawline to produce a younger facial profile. Facelifts are also done on an outpatient basis and recovery time is about two weeks. You will enjoy the results of your facelift for up to 10 years before aging symptoms begin to creep up once again.


That spare tire that you started noticing in your 30s or 40s may not be responding to your program of crunches and planks the way you would like. Get rid of the pooch once and for all with abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck. This procedure offers dramatic body contouring results by removing excess skin, tissue and areas of fat from the midsection. While the extensive surgery does involve a longer recovery period (3-4 weeks, in most cases), your results will be permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight after your procedure.


If the body sculpting you are looking for does not warrant a full tummy tuck, or if the stubborn fat deposits are located in an area outside the midsection, liposuction is also a common choice for our male patients. This less invasive surgical procedure removes isolated areas of fat that do not respond to weight loss efforts or toning at the gym. A small tube is inserted into the treatment area to loosen the fat cells and suction them away. Incisions are too small to leave much visible scarring, and most patients can return to regular activities within 1-2 weeks.


Men suffering from gynecomastia or enlarged breasts can suffer psychological consequences that impact every area of their lives. While many cases of gynecomastia resolve on their own, those that don’t can be corrected by surgical breast reduction. Dr. Martin performs this procedure on an outpatient basis, using great care to minimize visible scarring afterward and create a strong and masculine upper body profile. Most men are back to their daily schedules within two weeks after gynecomastia surgery.

The Male Factor

Some men are hesitant to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon due to their discomfort with the process. However, male patients that have chosen Dr. Martin for their procedures have been pleasantly surprised at how well they were treated by the doctor and the entire staff at [primary_practice]. One male patient stated that Dr. Martin answered every question he asked, while another called his staff “great with nothing but smiles.” Both of these patients were very satisfied with the results of their procedures and have since recommended Dr. Martin to others looking for plastic surgery.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to ramp up your appearance with a procedure designed just for you. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Martin today by phoning [primary_practice] at [primary_phone] or 888-616-9061.

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