5 Reasons You Will Want to Use TouchMD

You made the decision to undergo plastic surgery, which was a monumental, life-changing choice that might seem overwhelming in some ways. You look forward to your initial consultation, hoping that the staff at [primary_practice] will answer your questions and put your concerns to rest. The initial consultation with Dr. Martin goes very well as plenty of information is shared, and you determine that plastic surgery is the right choice for you.

Within hours after your consultation, you realize all that information is becoming confusing in your mind. You can’t remember all the facts Dr. Martin shared with you, and now more questions are coming fast and furious. Will plastic surgery help you achieve your cosmetic goals? Now, you aren’t so sure, and the concerns over the procedure start to creep in once again.

Introducing TouchMD

Dr. Martin understands that plastic surgery is a major life decision and he wants to make the process as smooth and comfortable for his patients as possible. That is why he is offering TouchMD, a revolutionary website that allows you to become a more active participant in your pursuit of aesthetic enhancement. Now, you will be able to access your records and information from any location, using your laptop or mobile device at your convenience. We have five reasons you will want to make TouchMD an integral part of your plastic surgery process.

Benefits of TouchMD

TouchMD will provide you a myriad of advantages:

Review Your Appointment

The initial appointment is nearly all fact-finding, which means you will likely leave that meeting with your head filled to the brim with information about your upcoming procedure. Thanks to TouchMD, you review that consultation any time you like, simply by signing into your portal. This allows you time to process all the facts so that you head into surgery feeling comfortable and confident in your decision.

View Photographs

It is likely photographs will be taken during your initial consultation, so that Dr. Martin can show you visually what you might expect from your procedure results. Those photos will be available to you on TouchMD as well, so you can take a second look at your current cosmetic concerns and the plans for correcting them.

Share Information with Others

While plastic surgery is a highly personal decision, it may be one you want to share with others to solicit their input during your process. With TouchMD, you will be able to show your photos and information to friends and family members that are supporting you as you undergo this life-changing surgery. You will also be able to distribute your records to other health professionals that might have an interest in your cosmetic procedures.

Learn More about Your Doctor

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is probably the most important factor in ensuring a safe and successful procedure. TouchMD allows you access to all the information you want to collect about Dr. Martin, his staff and [primary_practice], giving you peace-of-mind in knowing you have made the right choice.

Find Other Treatment Options

Once you see the positive results of your first procedure, it may get you thinking about other enhancements you might like to pursue. TouchMD puts all the information about our procedures and treatments at your fingertips, so you can research them and make the best choices for your precise needs.

TouchMD promises to take your patient experience to the next level at [primary_practice], with information that is easily accessible at times and places that are convenient for you. To learn more about this valuable service, contact our office today at [primary_phone] or 888-616-9061.

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