Why Do I Have Man Boobs?

It is estimated that 30% of men grow man boobs at some point in their life. “Man boobs” is the popular term for the excess breast tissue that many men suffer from. In the medical world, this condition is known as gynecomastia. While they generally do not pose any serious health risk, they can create serious psychological and emotional issues.

A man suffering from gynecomastia may feel uncomfortable with the added weight on his chest. But the biggest problem comes from society. Even his family and friends may tease or judge him for the condition, and it can affect his self-confidence. Men suffering from gynecomastia may avoid social situations entirely because of it.

Why Do You Have Man Boobs?

Obesity can result in fat deposits all over the body, and in some men, fat deposits on the chest can cause man boobs. This condition is actually known as pseudo-gynecomastia, because the chest swelling is not from excess glandular breast tissue but is instead a result of fat deposits.

The cause of true gynecomastia is typically hormone imbalances. The balance of hormones in the body may be affected by various factors, including genetics, radiation, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and genetic factors.

This imbalance in the hormones causes the levels of testosterone to fall and the levels of estrogen to rise. This makes the breast glands enlarge, creating man boobs.

There are also other causes of man boobs. These include the use of steroids, breast tumors, and liver or kidney disease. There have also been instances of gynecomastia occurring in those using herbal products.

Gynecomastia is an issue that can occur at any age. One in four men ages 50 to 69 develops gynecomastia. During puberty, some boys tend to develop man boobs.

What to Do If You Have Man Boobs

The first thing you need to do is schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin. If you are having pain or any discharge from your nipples, you need to schedule this immediately. As part of this consultation, Dr. Martin will analyze your case to understand the causes of your gynecomastia. After this, he will suggest treatment options.

If you have a mild case of gynecomastia, doing rigorous exercise with a controlled diet may be enough to reduce the growth. For advanced cases, hormone therapy may be an option to increase testosterone levels. Testosterone-replacement therapy is another option to be considered.

When none of the above methods work, male breast reduction is an effective solution. For pseudo-gynecomastia, liposuction will help to remove the excess breast fat. For true gynecomastia, excision of the excess glandular tissue will be necessary, along with excision of drooping skin.

Make an Appointment for a Consultation

Dr. Kurtis Martin, a well-respected board-certified plastic surgeon, has years of experience and will be available to help you with your gynecomastia. Find out more about what male breast reduction can do for you by contacting our office and setting up an informative consultation. It’s time to achieve your aesthetic goals by getting the masculine chest you deserve.

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