I Want An Arm Lift. What’s The First Step?

If you’re looking to get rid of hanging skin under your arms, also known as “bat wings,” an arm lift may be the procedure you’ve been looking for. An arm lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing the excess skin and fat under the elbow and upper arm and then repositioning the remaining skin to enhance the appearance of the arms.

People typically get arm lifts to target hanging excess skin that has formed as a result of aging, genetics, or dramatic weight loss.

What Is the Arm-Lift Procedure Like?

Before you come in for an arm lift, you should be aware of the general procedure. An arm lift eliminates sagging skin, tightens muscle tissue, and diminishes fat that has gathered in the upper arms.

The procedure usually lasts two hours, takes place under general anesthesia, and goes as follows:

  1. Incisions are made from the elbow to the armpit along the inner part of the arm. The pattern and size of incisions depend on the amount of tissue to be removed.
  2. Dr. Martin extracts excess fat through liposuction. Liposuction involves the removal of fat using a tube and medical suction.
  3. Dr. Martin tightens the tissues and contours them to better define the shape of the arm. The underlying tissues are secured with stitches.
  4. The extra skin is trimmed away. The incisions are sealed with stitches or surgical tape.

Preparation for the Arm Lift

Prior to the procedure, it will be necessary to meet with Dr. Martin during a consultation at our office. You will talk to him about your physical health, medical history, any medications you are taking, and any allergies that you may have. The two of you will also discuss your aesthetic goals, and you will be able to look at a number of before-and-after photos.

If you are a smoker, inform Dr. Martin. Smoking inhibits the flow of blood and may result in surgical complications or the inability of the incisions to heal properly.

Before the procedure, Dr. Martin will ask you to stay off certain medications, including aspirin and supplements. You should arrange for someone to drop you off at your surgery and pick you up afterwards, since you will not be able to drive yourself home.

After the Arm-Lift Procedure

After the procedure, you will need to take adequate rest at home, avoid heavy exercise, and wear a compression garment for several weeks.

If you are considering going in for an arm lift to reverse the effects of weight gain, you will need to watch your weight to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

As a person ages, some sagging of the arms is normal. Even after the procedure, this may happen and is not a cause for worry.

Get Started with Your Arm Lift

Dr. Kurtis Martin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Dr. Martin will be available to discuss the arm lift in greater detail, along with preparation and the healing process, so contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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