Smooth Recovery Tips

smooth recovery tips

When it comes to getting surgery, you want the experience to be as smooth as possible. Part of having the best possible experience is to listen to doctor recommendations for before and after surgery. The reason you get these recommendations is to make sure your body is ready for surgery and everything that happens after surgery. In order to have a smooth recovery after surgery, you’ll need to follow every piece of advice given to you by your doctor. Following these smooth recovery tips is a great place to start.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Before and after your surgery, you need to avoid smoking and alcohol. By smoking close to your surgery date, you run the risk for increased complications after surgery. Same goes for smoking after your surgery. When it comes to drinking alcohol, it may cause you to bruise more easily after surgery. To avoid excess bruising, avoid drinking a few weeks before your procedure.

See Your Doctor for All Post-Op Appointments

There’s a reason you have so many post-op appointments. It’s to make sure everything is healing properly. Dr. Martin has done thousands of plastic surgery procedures over the years. He knows what surgical areas should look like during the different stages of recovery. In the off chance that something bad happens, you’d rather catch it early at a post-op appointment.

Have a Support System in Place

After surgery, you need to have some kind of support system in place. Whether that’s a family member staying with you around the clock or friends popping in, you need people around you. Surgery can be scary. By having friends and family with you, it seems less scary.

Have Plenty of Time Off Scheduled

Plastic surgery is just as serious as other kinds of surgery. When you get surgery, you need to take plenty of time off work. That way, you aren’t taking on too much right after surgery. You and your body need the time to recover. Don’t try to rush your recovery.

Drink Lots of Water and Incorporate a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet after surgery is incredibly important. It can help you recover faster and naturally. The same goes for drinking water. If you want natural ways to speed up your recovery, these are the easiest ways.

Move Around, But Don’t Overexert Yourself

In the days following surgery, you need to move a little to keep the blood in your body moving. Now, that doesn’t mean going out and running a marathon. Instead, take small walks around your neighborhood or do some other kinds of light exercise. Moving helps in healing. Don’t over-exert yourself though. This can impede any healing happening.


Finally, use this downtime to relax. Relaxing is incredibly important to healing too. Whether you read a book or catch up on your favorite TV show, you need something to occupy your time during recovery.

You want your recovery after surgery to be easy and smooth sailing. By following these smooth recovery tips, you’re assured smooth recovery after surgery. When you’re ready to discuss your options, call our office to schedule your surgical consultation.

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