Rhinoplasty Misconceptions

Rhinoplasty misconceptions Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Just like anything in life, different plastic surgery procedures have different misconceptions associated with them. Rhinoplasty misconceptions are abound on the internet. When it comes to getting work done on your nose, there’s multiple avenues people took in the past to achieve the perfect look. Those different avenues may be the reason there are multiple myths surrounding the surgery today. Below, we’ll break down some of the rhinoplasty misconceptions that people can’t seem to shake.

Rhinoplasty Causes Breathing Issues

Many people believe that nose surgeries cause more breathing problems once the surgery is done. While there’s always a small chance that happens, the opposite is actually true. Typically, because nasal passages are opened during surgery, you’ll actually be able to breathe better than before surgery. Immediately following surgery, you may have breathing difficulty because of the bandages. However, that will subside once you no longer need them and you’ll resume regular breathing.

Your Nose Will Look Fake After Surgery

If your surgeon does a good job, your nose won’t look fake after surgery. However, people will notice a change in the shape of your nose. After all, your nose is a focal point of your face. If you alter that focal point in any way, people will take notice. However, you shouldn’t be left with a fake looking appearance. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your doctor regularly performs rhinoplasties. Plastic surgeons tend to focus on different parts of the body to study and perform surgeries. Make sure your doctor has done plenty of procedures before you schedule your surgery.

You Can Get The Nose of Your Favorite Celebrity

You may admire the nose of your favorite celebrity. But unfortunately for you, you won’t be able to get their same nose. Rhinoplasty is an incredibly tricky procedure. When you opt for a rhinoplasty, your doctor will consider the shape of your face when crafting your new nose. As much as you may like your favorite celebrity, what works for them may not work for you. Keep in mind, your doctor wants you to look your best after surgery and recovery. Your favorite celebrity’s nose may not fit into that plan. Listen to your doctor when they tell you that you can’t have the latest starlet’s nose.

Rhinoplasty is Only for Women

Many people think rhinoplasty is just for women. They also think that plastic surgery is just for women. In actuality, plastic surgery is for everyone. Allure magazine notes that while there’s still an unfair stigma associated with men getting plastic surgery, the trend is growing. Currently, just under 10 percent of men in the United States gets some kind of plastic surgery done. The number has tripled since the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery kept track starting in 1997. Plus, men can be unsatisfied with their appearances just like women. The reasons they get different procedures done vary, but they still get them done.

While these misconceptions about rhinoplasty persist in the public today, there is no reason you need to be afraid of them. Rhinoplasty is a common procedure. With the change in techniques over the years, there’s nothing to be afraid of it you choose to get one. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, give the office a call.

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