Injections to Refresh Your Face

Injections to Refresh Your Face Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

One thing you seemingly can’t avoid in life is lines and wrinkles that appear on your face. While they may have been unavoidable at one point in time, that’s simply not the case anymore. Today’s medical advancements have brought about the use of injections to even out the appearance of your skin. With the holidays right around the corner, consider using injections to refresh your face. You’ll be sure to put your best face forward for any holiday parties and the new year.


Bellafill is a long-lasting dermal filler, so it’s one of the best injections to freshen your face. Currently, it’s the longest lasting one on the market. If you’re looking for an FDA-approved filler to treat wrinkles and skin folds, Bellafill is right for you. Bellafill is designed to boost and generate new collagen in your skin. The new collagen means your skin gets a new lift. Collagen growth will continue for five years, which is the length of time the filler lasts.

At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to be a Certified BellaDiamond. We’ve earned this honor because we’re one of the top one percent providers. Plus, this means you know we’ve done the injection many times before and are incredibly skilled at it.


More than likely, you’ve heard of Botox before. Botox is the universal standard and most common wrinkle eliminator in the business. One treatment keeps you wrinkle-free for three to six months. When you get a Botox treatment, your overworked facial muscles are relaxed and wrinkles are smoothed away. Additionally, the appearance of fine lines and crows lines are eliminated. You’ll put your best face forward with Botox: one that’s smoother and wrinkle-free.


Want to say goodbye to mild to severe wrinkles and skin folds? Juvéderm can help! The Juvéderm family products help target different areas on your face to give you the face of your dreams. Overall, Juvéderm works to restore volume in different parts of your face. Some of the more common places include lips, cheeks, and face. Nurse Kimberly has worked for years to perfect her technique and will help you look your best.


Unlike the other three injections that erase lines and wrinkles, Kybella works to eliminate something else entirely: the appearance of a double chin. Kybella is incredibly safe and is the only FDA-approved treatment for the submental fat under your chin. The main ingredient in the injection is a naturally occurring part of your body and naturally disposes of the excess fat. Most people need one to three treatments in order to get rid of the excess fat. However, up to six treatments can be done.

Kick off the new year with an improved appearance to your facial features. The injections are safe and our fabulous staff takes the time to make sure you’re comfortable with your appearance. Say farewell to skin folds, lines, wrinkles, and double chins with any of our injections done in the office. Next time you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of your face, visit our office for injections to freshen your face! We offer walk-in and appointments for all of our injections and non-surgical procedures. See what Cincinnati Plastic Surgery can do for you!

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