How Long Do Injections Last

How Long Do Injections Last Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

In addition to our surgical and non-surgical procedures we offer at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we also offer a line of injections to boost the appearance of your face. The injections do different things for your face. One of the more common questions we hear is “how long do injections last?” Unfortunately, there’s no clear cut answer. They last different amounts of time before your body completely metabolizes them.


Bellafill is one of the longest lasting fillers on the market. Bellafill typically lasts for five years, which is much longer than any other filler out there. This is because Bellafill isn’t a hyaluronic acid filler; instead, the injection is made from smooth bovine collagen gel and is combined with microsphere beads that encourage collagen growth. With the collagen generation, you’ll notice an immediate lift in your facial appearance. The collagen generation lasts the entirety of the five years, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Nurse Kimberly has performed so many Bellafill injections that our practice is a certified Bella Diamond. This means we are in the top one percent of all Bellafill providers across the country. Not only will you get a more youthful appearance, you’ll also know your injection is coming from the best of the best in the country.


Chances are, you’ve heard of Botox before. After all, it’s the universe standard in eliminating wrinkles and crows feet on your face. Do you find that your facial muscles are overworked? It’s a problem that many people have. Help relax those muscles by getting Botox treatments. Following a brief session with Nurse Kimberly, you’ll be wrinkle free for three to six months. Say goodbye to overworked facial muscles, lines, and wrinkles with Botox injections.


At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to offer a wide range of Juvéderm products for our patients. Typically, Juvéderm works to tackle mild to severe skin folds and wrinkles on the face. Because we have a wide range of Juvéderm products, Nurse Kimberly will work with you to choose the one that works best for you.

Typically, Juvéderm products last between six and 12 months. Because the body metabolizes these fillers, it’s different for most patients. It also depends on the location of the injection. Different places tend to metabolize the acid in the filler faster.


Do you have extra fat under your chin you’d like to get rid of permanently? With Kybella, patients typically need one to three treatments to get rid of excess fat that causes the appearance of a double chin. After that, it’s permanent. The injection targets the extra fat and breaks it down permanently. The fat is absorbed into your bloodstream and disposed of naturally. Once you complete the treatment, there’s no need to have it done again.

In order to answer the question of how long do injections last, you have to understand the injections. Different injections last a different amount of time in the body. Of course, this varies from person to person. The statistics in this post are what we’ve found as averages for our patients. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we help our patients make the best decision about their appearance. To schedule a consult or an appointment, give our office a call now.

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