Teens and Plastic Surgery

Teens and Plastic Surgery Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

One of the most common questions plastic surgeons get nowadays is whether their teenager should get plastic surgery. After all, teens getting plastic surgery is on the rise in the US. You may be wondering if it’s appropriate for your teenage to get plastic surgery at all. Truth be told, it depends on the procedure your teen wants performed. Below, we’ll go through what procedures are relatively appropriate for your teen and what procedures should be avoided. In general, teens and plastic surgery tends not to mix well.

What Surgeries and Procedure Your Teen Can Get

Teenagers requesting plastic surgery is on the rise. However, they aren’t necessarily going under the knife at high rates. Instead, they may turn more towards fillers and other non-invasive procedures, like microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing to reduce the appearance of acne scars. If your teen does want fillers for the appearance of fuller lips or are already worried about lines and wrinkles on their face, Botox or hyaluronic acid fillers may be the way to go as those fillers are absorbed by the body over time and aren’t permanent.

If your teenager does go under the knife, many times it’s for breast reduction for girls or gynecomastia for boys. If girls have overly large breasts at a younger age, they may be made fun of at school and social gatherings. As for boys, it’s embarrassing to them if they have breasts at all. Many times, it’s an underlying cause, but there are treatment options to take care of it. Additionally, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) are one of the most common surgical procedures for teens, lifting an emotional burden.

What Surgeries and Procedures Your Teen Can’t Get

If your teen is set on a particularly plastic surgery procedure, you may need to help them understand that the procedure may not be feasible at the moment. While people’s bodies are maturing, it’s hard to tell what they’ll look like in a certain amount of years. If your teen wants a procedure that drastically alters their appearance, an ethical plastic surgeon should not do it. What would look good as a teenager may not look as good at different ages down the line. Again, plastic surgery isn’t completely recommended for teenagers, so a drastic procedure won’t do your teenager any favors.

What To Do If Your Teen Chooses Plastic Surgery

First off, if your child is under the age of 18, you will need to be present at all consultations and meetings. Not only will you act as a guide for your child, you’ll also need to ensure the safety of your child. Dr. Martin uses the best techniques on all patients, but you’ll still need to be involved in the process from start to finish.

When it comes to your teens and plastic surgery, they don’t need an extensive amount as someone who’s older. If they do choose to do plastic surgery, they may lean more towards fillers and other kinds of non-invasive procedures. If you are looking into plastic surgery or know someone who is considering it, give our office a call to schedule your consultation now.

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