Lasting Plastic Surgery Results

Lasting Plastic Surgery Results Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

When it comes to your plastic surgery, you want the results to last for as long as possible. For some surgeries, the results are permanent. For other surgeries, the results may fade as time goes on. While fading results are mainly for things like fillers and other injections, you don’t want that to happen on your plastic surgery. If you’re worried about the results of your plastic surgery fading over time, follow these tips for lasting plastic surgery results.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

The best way to ensure your plastic surgery stays the same well after surgery is to follow a healthy diet and exercise consistently. Maintaining a steady weight will help your results hold. Plus, a healthy diet means your body is getting the proper nutrients that help it function. By eating well and exercising, your plastic surgery results will continue to hold for a long period of time.

Follow All Post-Operative Instructions

Another way to make sure your plastic surgery results last is by following all post-op instructions. Your doctor gives you the post-op instructions for a reason. It’s because they’ve performed enough of the surgeries to know the recovery time and the recommendations on how to heal best. Listen to the professionals when it comes to your recovery so you can maintain your plastic surgery results.

Use Proper Skin Care Products

Your skin care regimen matters, even when you’re recovering from surgery. Continue to follow your skin care regimen while you’re recovering from surgery. Your skin is a major organ and it needs attention just like other places on your body. However, you’ll want to use products recommended by your doctor or ones that you’re familiar with. Recovery is not the time to experiment with a new product as it can throw your body into chaos.

Stop Smoking

Smoking harms the inside of your body and physically ages the outside of your body. If you smoke leading up to your surgery and after your surgery, you’re risking a harder time healing after surgery. Additionally, because your blood vessels constrict, you’re more likely to scar if you smoke after surgery.

Don’t Choose the Least Expensive Option

There are times when choosing the least expensive option works in your favor. When you’re choosing someone to perform intricate plastic surgery procedures on you, it’s not a good time to choose the cheapest option. Be wary of someone who offers procedures at a significantly discounted rate.

Lasting plastic surgery results is as easy as making some simple lifestyle changes. By making these changes before your surgery, you’ll be better in the habit of doing them. The farther out you make these changes to your lifestyle before your surgery, the more likely you’ll keep doing them after your surgery. When it comes to plastic surgery, you want a plastic surgery who knows what is going on. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, you get the surgeon that other surgeons go to. Give our office a call to schedule your surgical consultation now.

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