Spring Skin Care Tips

Spring Skin Care Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Ever wonder how skin care and plastic surgery go together? Many people don’t realize the two go hand-in-hand, but they actually do. How you treat your skin now has a small impact on how you heal after your procedure. Of course, the biggest piece of proper healing after your surgery depends on how well you follow your post-operative instructions. But part of those instructions may include steps to include in your skin care regimen. Whether you’re looking for a spring skin care regimen to follow post-op instructions or want glowing skin for the spring, these skin care tips for spring will help in achieving those results.

Start Exfoliating

In the winter, your skin tends to be a little drier. It’s a sign to take a step back from exfoliating your skin. However, now that the weather is starting to climb again, it’s time to reintroduce that step back into your skin care routine. However, be sure to slowly ease it back in. If you over-exfoliate, the opposite effect can happen.

Continue to Use SPF

The sun is finally starting to shine here in Cincinnati. With the increased amount of sunshine, you’ll need to keep your skin protected. Increase the protection of your skin by continuing to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 but keep applying it throughout the day. Even if your makeup has SPF, it may not be enough to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

Hydrate Your Skin

The main requirement of your skin is proper hydration. Proper hydration is key to many aspects of your body, including your skin. By keeping your fluid intake up, you’re washing out toxins from your body, leaving clearer and refreshed.

Swap Out Your Cosmetics

Do you know the last time you bought new cosmetics? If it’s been a little bit, it’s time to buy brand new cosmetics. Just like everything else, cosmetics have a shelf life. If you’ve used the same cosmetics for a while, you’re putting any skin irregularities back on your skin. Regularly clean your makeup brushes and purchase new cosmetics to make sure your skin is getting the best treatment options.

Book a Chemical Peel

If you’re looking for an occasional treat for your skin? Consider booking a chemical peel. Depending on the strength of your chemical peel, you may only need one. Whichever chemical peel you choose, you’ll have a more youthful appearance.


Believe it or not, exercise can actually help boost the appearance of your skin. When you sweat, your pores naturally unclog themselves, giving you a smoother facial surface appearance.

A good skin care routine can make the difference in putting your best face forward. With these spring skin care tips, your skin will look refreshed. By starting your spring skin care routine now, you’ll start the habit of taking care of your skin before your procedure. When you have an idea of what procedure you want, give our office a call to schedule your surgical consultation now.

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