Brazilian Butt Lift: All About the New Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Are you looking to have the perfect butt? Many people continually workout to achieve buttocks like Kim Kardashian. While working out and a well-balanced diet are key in a healthy lifestyle, you have other options to obtain your ideal body. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we perform the Brazilian Butt Lift for many Cincinnati patients. Is the Brazilian Butt Lift right for you?

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or the BBL for short, is a fat transfer surgery designed to take fat from certain areas of your body and deposit them in the buttocks area. The areas fat may be taking from include the thighs, hips, and stomach. Once the fat has been grafted, it is then inserted into your buttocks area.

The purpose of a BBL is to have the buttocks area appear more youthful. Additionally, you get a rounder, more youthful butt. With a BBL, you may find your clothes fit better, giving you a confidence boost.

How is it Different From Implants?

The BBL is completely different from a lift using silicone implants. With the BBL, fat goes from one area to your butt. On the other hand, silicone implants are inserted. Both work to give someone the perfect butt; however, they go about different ways to do it. People are different, so some may need a BBL while others need implants. Dr. Martin will tell you which procedure will work best for you.

Steps in a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

After your surgical consultation, plans will be made for your surgery. When it’s time for your surgery, the first thing Dr. Martin will mark the areas where fat will be injected and where the fat will come from. From there, the fat is removed with a liposuction cannula and purified. Once the fat is ready, it is injected into the buttocks. You are then stitched up in the areas where fat was removed and replaced and receive bandages. After surgery, you’ll need to  avoid sitting or sleeping on your buttocks for a few weeks to avoid flattening.

Depending on your pain tolerance, you may receive general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or may not need any type of anesthesia during the procedure. Let Dr. Martin know ahead of time what your preference is so there’s no confusion during surgery.

Getting the perfect butt is as simple as visiting Cincinnati Plastic Surgery for a Brazilian Butt Lift. With surgery performed in our Cincinnati office, you’ll get to see the office when you visit for your surgical consultation. When you’re looking for someone to perform your plastic surgery, make sure it’s through an actual plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Martin has board-certification in plastic surgery through the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Ready to get started with the Brazilian Butt Lift? Call the office to schedule your consultation now.

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