Injections and Fillers in Cincinnati

Injections and Fillers in Cincinnati Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

If you’re looking for a way to stand out in the summer, turn to injections and fillers. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, nurse injector Kimberly has spent years honing her technique in providing quality injections and fillers for our patients. If you’re looking for a quick visit to the office to get ready for the summer months ahead, injections and fillers are the way to do it.


At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we call Bellafill the Louis Vuitton of fillers. This filler naturally assists in building the collagen in your face while lasting for five years. Bellafill works in two steps. First, it adds collagen to your facial tissues. Next, the filler helps your body continually build more collagen throughout the five years. Our practice is a certified Bella Diamond, meaning we’re in the top one percent of all practices across the country.

Revanesse Versa

We love lips! We’ve partnered with Revanesse Versa to get you the lips of your dreams. This filler helps create natural looking lips with the least amount of post-injection swelling. You’ll receive one to two syringes to get the lips you desire without an overdone look. We make sure the results are even and that you’re happy with the results.


Are you looking to get rid of wrinkles and skin folds? Turn to Juvéderm. This filler is designed to work alongside your body to smooth out the skin on your face. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we offer a full line of Juvéderm products. They each work on different areas of the face, so let your nurse injector know what your ultimate end goal is for best results.

Botox + Jeuveau

You’ve probably heard of Botox before. Jeuveau might be a newer topic for you. Jeuveau is similar to Botox. However, Jeuveau works much faster at treating wrinkles. While the full effects of Botox can take up to a week to notice a difference. But with Jeuveau, the results are noticeable in 24 to 48 hours.

Belotero Balance

Do you have fine lines on your face? Belotero Balance helps fill in those lines. This filler works best to even out the appearance of smaller lines on the face. If you’re looking for something with more volume, it’s best to consider a different filler.


Do you have extra fat under your chin, resulting in the appearance of a “second chin?” If you want to get rid of the appearance of a double chin, turn to Kybella. This injection is applied directly to the excess fat. The fat is destroyed and removed by the body. The average patient needs one to three treatments, though six treatments is the most offered.

As an alternative to plastic surgery, many are turning to injections and fillers instead. If you’d prefer a non-surgical route, it’s the best way to go. Our nurse injector Kimberly has spent her time learning the best techniques to help you feel gorgeous. If you’re wondering about injections and fillers, call the front office to schedule a consultation now.

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