Laser Hair Removal for Summertime

Laser Hair Removal for Summertime Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Now that summer is almost here, you may be shaving more often than winter months. Shaving is an extra step you may not want to take when getting ready to go out with friends to enjoy the warmer weather. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we want to help you cut out these step from your summer routine. One of our services we now offer is laser hair removal. Kiss razors and waxing goodbye almost permanently with laser hair removal from Cincinnati Plastic Surgery.

Laser Hair Removal Basics

This process uses a laser to zap away unwanted body hair. Lasers can be used on any part of the body, though we mainly use them on the legs, underarms, shoulder, bikini area, and neck. The smaller the area, the less time each session will be.

While there are many at-home lasers available for purchase, we recommend only coming into the office for treatments. That way, you know proper laser techniques are used and you aren’t unintentionally harming your skin. Many people tend to think the longer a laser is used on the skin, the less treatments they need. This actually causes skin issues, something you want to avoid during the laser process.

Laser Hair Removal Process

To start, you’ll need to schedule a combination of a consultation and your first appointment. This is when we’ll discuss whether you’re a good candidate and what the process is like. Typically, a numbing cream or gel will be applied to the treatment areas. From there, protective eye gear will be placed on your eyes and the technician’s eyes to protect them from the lasers. The laser then begins to zap at the hair on your treatment area. You will definitely need more than one appointment for hair elimination, though the number depends on the area or areas getting treated.

Does It Work on All Skin Types?

Yes. Laser hair removal works for all types of skin. During your consultation, the technician will help determine whether laser hair removal is right for you. While removal works for all skin types, there are types of people who this procedure isn’t good for. While we want to help you eliminate shaving and waxing from your routine, we don’t want to do a procedure that won’t be helpful for you in the long run.

Additional Laser Hair Removal Tips

Following removal, try to avoid direct sunlight. Heat will breed additional bacteria, which you want to avoid to keep the treatment areas clean. Many people don’t feel pain, but if you do, use cooling treatments to help.

The most annoying aspect of your shower routine is probably shaving. As an investment in your summertime activities, consider turning to laser hair removal. If you’re ready to eliminate shaving or waxing from your routine, turn to Cincinnati Plastic Surgery. Give us a call to set up your consultation and appointment.

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