Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips

Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Having a baby takes a serious toll on your body. If you’ve had children and are done having children, you have a way to get your pre-baby body back. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we offer the mommy makeover procedure. Just like any plastic surgery procedure, a mommy makeover has a certain recovery period associated with it. If you’re considering a mommy makeover, consider these mommy makeover recovery tips to make recovery a smoother experience for everyone.

Be At Your Goal Weight

One of the most important items we have to stress is that the mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure. When you’re preparing for the mommy makeover, you should already be at your post-pregnancy goal weight. If you go into the surgery and come out of it expecting to have lost weight, you may be disappointed. While some weight loss may occur through the tummy tuck and liposuction, it will not be a significant amount of weight. In order to have an optimal recovery, you’ll want to be at a healthy weight before the surgery.

Have Help Around the House

Immediately following surgery, you’ll need help around the house taking care of your children and doing typical housework. Jumping into things too quickly can negatively impact the results of your procedure. Spend the first few weeks in bed relaxing. Take the time to read some books you’ve wanted to read or watch your favorite guilty pleasure on TV. Remember, once you’re cleared for light activity, you can’t lift more than 25 pounds. Have long-term care planned to help with your children. It will help ensure your healing after the mommy makeover.

Don’t Smoke

If there’s one piece of advice you follow, it’s to eliminate smoking from your life before and after your surgery. Smoking prior to surgery affects the way your body heals after surgery. Even smoking after surgery plays a part in how you heal. Smoking causes many problems during surgery and in your after surgery healing. Eliminate those consequences by not smoking.

Make Healthy Choices

Making healthy choices is vital for any stage in life, not just after surgery recovery. But during surgery recovery, it’s crucial you make healthy choices. The foods you eat help aid in your recovery. Foods that have lots of vitamins and minerals in them are going to be better than choosing foods with little to no nutritional value. Give your body the nutrients it needs during recovery by making healthy food choices after surgery. To help make sure this happens, buy everything you’ll need before you have surgery.

Recovery takes time, and recovery from the mommy makeover procedure is no different. By following these mommy makeover recovery tips, it will be a much smoother process with longer lasting results. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we have years of experience in helping people achieve the best versions of themselves. If you’re consider a mommy makeover procedure, see what Dr. Martin can do for you. Call the front office to schedule your surgical consultation now.

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