Male Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Male Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery used to be mainly viewed as for women only. However, as times have changed, men turned to plastic surgery as a way to improve their looks. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we perform plastic surgery for both men and women. Many men come to us for male plastic surgery after weight loss. Below, we’ll discuss our male plastic surgery after weight loss options.


Large breasts in men happens in a certain portion of the population. Some of the causes include genetics and weight gain. To reduce the stigma of large breasts in male, we offer breast reduction services for men. Similar to a breast reduction for women, we work with you to reduce the size of your breasts to a more appropriate size. However, many insurance companies view this as a purely cosmetic procedure, meaning you likely will pay the full price. We do offer financing so ask about financing options during your consultation.

Body Lift

After undergoing massive weight loss, you still may have large amounts of fat on your body. If you’ve undergone bariatric weight loss surgery, we offer body lifts to remove the body fat and give you a more sculpted appearance. At our Cincinnati office, we perform many different types of body lifts. The type of body lift you receive depends on the areas you need sculpted. During your surgical consultation, we’ll discuss the type of body lift you’ll need.

Liposuction for Men

Body lifts do not truly remove much fat from your body. If you’re looking for a fat removal process, we recommend liposuction for men instead. This removes fat from your body in a special process. The process is the same for both men and women looking for liposuction procedures. Additionally, if you’re considering any fat grafting augmentation in the future, we recommend storing your own fat for the procedure. However, make sure you complete liposuction after your weight loss. Liposuction is not a form of weight loss.


Finally, you may want your face tightened after undergoing massive weight loss. We offer many different kinds of facelifts for our patients. We work with you during your consultation to determine the right kind of facelift for you. Again, the facelift process is similar for both men and women.

Injections and Fillers

Additionally, some men may also turn to injections and fillers to even out their facial appearance. We offer many different kinds of fillers and injections designed for different problems. Our nurse injector Kimber will work with you to determine the right type of filler for you and the correct volume for you. Many people come from all over Ohio and the country to receive injections from Kimber. Her overall talent has helped many people.

Men have options when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. As you search for weight loss options, keep Cincinnati Plastic Surgery in mind to help after you reaching your goal weight. We work with you to help you achieve your ideal post-weight loss body. Contact the office to set up your male plastic surgery after weight loss options now.

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