Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

For some patients, they don’t want breast implants. Instead, they want a smaller breast size because they have larger breasts. The reason that people have larger breasts varies for a variety of reasons. However, some of the more common reasons include weight gain and genetics. Regardless of the reason, many people with larger breasts feel uncomfortable in public due to the size of their breasts. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martin specializes in breast reduction surgery. Below, we’ll discuss what breast reduction surgery includes and who benefits from it.

Breast Reduction Surgery Process

To start, you’ll need to schedule a surgical consultation. During the consultation, you’ll discuss your ideal bra size. We like to leave patients with a C or D cup after their reduction. We’ve found that’s many people’s ideal cup size. From there, you’ll schedule your surgery.

On your surgery day, Dr. Martin will mark areas on your breast that need reduced. From there, we make small cuts on the breast and remove fat, tissue, and skin. We also reduce the size of your areola so it’s in line with the size of your breasts after surgery. We place the sutures under your skin, so they won’t need removed at all. Overall, recovery takes one to two weeks and many patients don’t experience a lot of pain.

Who Benefits from Breast Reduction Surgery

If you feel embarrassment or shame over the size of your breasts, you may find a breast reduction will work in your favor.

Can Men Get Breast Reduction Surgery

Just like women, men may also have unacceptably large breast tissue. In men, this issue is called gynecomastia. Just like large breasts in women, gynecomastia occurs for many different reasons in men. Some of the more common reasons include genetics, weight gain, and steroid use.

With breast reduction surgery in men, the process is similar to the surgical process for women. However, we don’t remove skin during the surgical process. Typically, the skin naturally contracts on its own. In three to six months, you’ll see the results. Unfortunately, insurance companies view gynecomastia as a cosmetic procedure, making it unlikely they’ll cover the procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Reduction Surgery

In most cases, your insurance company will not cover the surgery. However, if your pre-surgery cup size is a DD cup or higher, you may qualify for insurance coverage. Dr. Martin will write a letter on your behalf to your insurance company, stating the need for a breast reduction. If your insurance company approves the surgery, you may not have to pay the full costs. You’ll have to look at your insurance plan to determine what you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

For people with larger breasts, relief can be in their future. With breast reduction surgery from Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, you no longer need to feel embarrassed when going out with friends and family. Dr. Martin will work with you to find the right breast size for you. If you’re considering a breast reduction surgery, contact the office now to schedule your free consultation.

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