Hiding Surgical Scars

Hiding Surgical Scars Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

A common question that comes up during most surgical consults is how well the surgical scar is hidden after surgery. When it comes to hiding surgical scars, you want them hidden or not visible at all. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martin understands that patients want their scars hidden following surgery. The way we hide scars depends on the type of surgery you have. Below, we’ll discuss some different types of surgeries while also discussing how we hide surgical scars.

Tummy Tuck

At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we perform many different types of tummy tucks. With all the tummy tucks we perform, we place the sutures under the skin. This reduces the chance of railroad scarring, which is a telltale sign of surgery. We also make sure the scar is low enough that it’s still hidden when you wear a swim suit.

Breast Implants

In order to avoid a visible scar, the location of the incision matters. In a typical case, Dr. Martin uses a periaerolar incision. Over time, he’s found it’s the best type of incision that hides a scar. Other types of incisions exist, but they might not hide a scar as easily. During your surgical consultation, you’ll go over the type of incision used during your breast implant surgery.

Breast Lifts

Just like with breast implants, the location of the incision matters in order to best reduce scarring. However, the majority of the time, we place the sutures under your skin. That means that any type of scar will naturally be hidden by skin. Additionally, it means you won’t need to remove the sutures on your own, something many of our patients appreciate.


If visibility of scars is a worry for you, make sure you let the doctor know. When it comes to facelifts at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we using a stitching method that allows for the scar to hide behind the ear. That way, even if you like to wear your hair short, you know no one can see the scar. However, you must follow all post-op instructions in order to further reduce the likelihood of scarring after surgery.

Non-Surgical Procedures to Hide Scars

If you’re unsatisfied with any type of scar on your body, you have options. Whether it’s a surgical scar or a scar from something else, we can help you minimize the appearance of the scar. We offer chemical peels of varying strengths that help reduce the appearance of scars through a few treatments that don’t have much downtime.

Hiding surgical scars is incredibly important to our patients. Dr. Martin understands this completely. As long as you follow all post-op instructions, the overall appearance of the scar shouldn’t be too bad. Even so, we take great measures to have the scar be in places easily hidden by clothing or hair. If you’re considering a plastic surgery procedure, turn to the surgeon other surgeons go to. Dr. Martin at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery has decades of experience of helping patients achieve their ideal look. Call the office now to schedule your consultation now.

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