Rejuvenation Methods

Rejuvenation Methods Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Many people want to find ways to help them look younger. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we understand that. That’s why we’ve helped many men and women achieve the looks they’ve always wanted. In our Cincinnati office, we have various ways to help rejuvenate your skin and give you a younger looking appearance. These rejuvenation methods will keep you looking and feeling younger.

Non-Surgical Procedures

At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we have a selection of non-surgical procedures. These procedures work to rejuvenate your skin through a variety of different methods. Whether you want less hair on your body or an improved appearance of your skin, we have something to help.

Cincinnati Plastic Surgery offers laser hair removal services. The laser is safe to use on all skin types. Also, we can use it on different areas of the body, including the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area.

We also offer IPL laser resurfacing. This helps to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Additionally, it helps to reduce the appearance of scars, whether it’s surgery scars or acne scars.

Finally, we offer HydraFacial, which gives an immediate refresh to your face. We also offer Dermaplaning, which is a new way to exfoliate your face with a surgical grade scalpel. It’s possible to achieve the results on your own. However, we don’t recommend that. The scalpels are very sharp and you could hurt yourself.


Some people want a little longevity in their rejuvenation methods. If that’s the case, we recommend the different types of dermal fillers we offer in the office. We have the right kind of filler for you. Our nurse injectors have years of experience rejuvenating the faces for people all over Cincinnati and across the country.

Many of our patients have found long-lasting results with Bellafill. Our practice is a certified Bella Diamond. We’re in the top one percent of practices across the country. Bellafill works to increase the amount of collagen in your face, which evens out your appearance. It currently lasts for five years, making it the longest lasting dermal filler on the market.

Additionally, we offer different dermal fillers that work to even out your appearance. Typically though, they don’t last as long as Bellafill. The fillers we use, including Botox and Juvéderm work on different areas of your face.

Skin Care Products

At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we’ve partnered with Zo Skin Health to give you perfect looking skin. The different types of products work to give you the skin you deserve. The wide range of products ensure a complete skin care routine.

Regardless of your rejuvenation method, Cincinnati Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Martin and his support staff have years of experience of helping men and women look and feel their best. Cincinnati Plastic Surgery can help with whatever you’re looking for. Contact us to set up your appointment now.

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