Scar Removal Procedures Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Scar Removal Procedures

When you have any type of surgery procedure, you may expect to have a scar after surgery. Depending on when you have surgery, you can get away with hiding the scar for a few months. That’s why fall and winter are always popular times to get plastic surgery. But what happens when you have a large scar that you want hidden sooner rather than later? Cincinnati Plastic Surgery can help. When it comes to scar removal procedures, we have a variety of ways to help.

Types of Scars

People have scars for many different reasons. Some of them are from surgery while others could have come from accidents. Many people also have acne scars that they’re embarrassed about. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we know you don’t want scars to be what people see when they notice you. That’s why we have the different treatments available to minimize the appearance of scars.

Also, we know that some surgeries are more likely to leave a visible scar compared to other types of surgeries. Depending on the surgery you have, we may include free or reduced cost laser resurfacing + IPL treatments. For instance, someone with a body lift, arm lift, or thigh lift may receive lower cost laser resurfacing + IPL treatments because those procedures typically lead to larger visible scars compared to other procedures.


Bellafill doesn’t do much to help with the appearance of surgical scars after surgery. However, many people have turned to Bellafill to reduce the appearance of their acne scars. Bellafill is the preferred dermal filler we offer. It immediately kickstarts collagen production. When your body produces more collagen, it evens out the appearance of your skin. Because the collagen adds volume to your face, you don’t have the bumpiness from acne scars.

Bellafill is FDA-cleared to continuously work for five years to build volume. That’s much longer compared to other dermal fillers that may only last a few months. If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your acne scars, Bellafill is the answer.

Laser Resurfacing + IPL

Laser resurfacing works by inducing a healing response on your skin. The healing response means that your skin begins producing new collagen, which leads to better elasticity. Laser resurfacing + IPL will work best for scars from surgical procedures. Since Bellafill is only for your face, we can use the lasers on other places on your body, not just your face. That’s what makes laser resurfacing a great option for people who have large scars on their body. Within one to three sessions, you’ll notice a difference in the appearance of your skin and a reduction in the appearance of scars.

Scar removal procedures don’t have to be a surgery in and of itself. We have a variety of non-surgical procedures and dermal fillers available to minimize the appearance of scars. Sometimes, many people can’t notice scars after their treatments are done. If you’re considering scar removal treatments and don’t know where to start, turn to Cincinnati Plastic Surgery. We’ll help you find the right scar removal protocol for you. Contact the office now to get started.