What is ResurFX and Skin Resurfacing Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

ResurFX & Skin Resurfacing

Are you in need of skin resurfacing? Both men and women have benefited from this non-surgical procedure over the years. Your reasons for receiving treatment may vary, but if you’re looking for smoother skin, ResurFX can help. This skin resurfacing treatment treats many different causes and leaves you with smoother feeling skin.

What is Skin Resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing is a way to reduce the appearance of certain type of trouble spots on your skin. We’ll start by using a laser that heats your skin with the flash of a light. When the laser heats your skin, it starts a healing response in your body. The healing response forces your skin to produce new collagen, elastin, and skin cells. The newly produced collagen, elastin, and skin cells replace the old ones on your skin. This helps to replace your skin tissue and minimize the appearance of blemishes over time.

What Does Skin Resurfacing Fix?

Skin resurfacing treatments can fix a variety of issues with your skin. If you’re unsatisfied with your skin in any way, there’s a good chance that skin resurfacing can help solve the problem. Because skin resurfacing heats the skin and jumpstarts collagen production, it helps even out your skin’s appearance. Skin resurfacing has helped people with acne scars minimize the appearance of the scars. Skin resurfacing can also minimize the appearance of stretch marks and may reduce the appearance of small lines and wrinkles. For wrinkles, if the wrinkles are deep, you may benefit from Botox or another type of dermal filler.

What Are Common Treatment Areas?

In theory, any area of your body with skin can be a treatment area. However, we’ve noticed there are areas where people commonly seek treatment. Some of the most common areas include the face, neck, stomach, and thighs. Overall, if you’re unsatisfied with your skin’s appearance in a certain area, we can work to transform your skin.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Everyone’s skin is different, so the number of treatments will vary. However, the typical patient needs three to four treatments to see the best results. Each of the treatments are performed about a month apart so that your skin can recover between treatments.

You most likely will not experience many side effects from treatment. Some of the more common side effects are peeling skin and skin redness. Those side effects are because the skin was heated and they typically fade in a few days. Your skin may also appear hyperpigmented or hypopigmented after treatments, but that also evens itself out after a few days. After each treatment, you can continue on with your day.

Smoother skin doesn’t have to be a wish on your list. With ResurFX and our skin resurfacing treatment, you can get the skin you’ve always wanted. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we are here to help with your skin and any other area of your body you’d like fixed. We offer surgical, non-surgical, dermal fillers, and more ready to give you the look of your dreams. Contact Cincinnati Plastic Surgery to learn more about treatments now.