How Long Do Breast Implants Last Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

How Long Do Breast Implants Last

Are you looking for natural looking breast implants? Dr. Martin at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery can help. Over the years, he has developed techniques for natural looking plastic surgery, which includes breast augmentation with breast implants. One of the most common questions we hear is how long do breast implants last. For years, many thought they wouldn’t last for long periods of time. But over time, that thinking changed as the types of breast implants also changed. If you’ve been considering breast implants, knowing how long they last may be a determinant of whether you have the surgery.

Are Breast Implants Lifelong?

Breast implants do not have a lifelong guarantee with them. If you’re thinking about breast implants, you’ll want to go in with the impression and understanding that you will have to have surgeries down the line. In the typical patient, most implants last about 10 years. Of course, some can last much longer than that while some may also last a shorter amount of time. There’s no way to tell how long the implants will last. But performing regular checks on the state of your implants can help prolong the implants. For instance, you’ll want to perform self-checks to make your implant hasn’t ruptured. Also, you’ll want to schedule MRIs to make sure the implant looks normal.

When Should I Replace My Implants?

Staying vigilant will help you determine when it’s the right time to replace your implants. As we discussed above, performing regular self-checks to make sure your implants haven’t ruptured and are staying in place.

Sometimes, you may opt to replace your implant if you’ve had a change in body size. If you’ve lost weight, you may want to adjust the size of your implant so your breasts look more proportionate to the rest of your body.

Does The Filling Impact Longevity?

Yes and no. There are two types: silicone and saline. They are classified by the inner filling of the implant. The type of implant you get is completely up to you. There’s nothing that says one type lasts longer than the other. In fact, they both last about the same amount of time. That being said, it is much more obvious when the saline implant needs replaced when compared to a silicone implant. If something causes your saline implant to rupture, you’ll notice a chance in the appearance of your breast.

How To Prolong Implants

The best way to prolong the length of time of your breast implants is by performing regular self-checks to make sure nothing’s wrong with them. That way, you know whether something is new or if it’s been there for a while.

While it’s hard to determine how long do breast implants last, they do last a decent amount of time. Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed across the country each year. If you’re considering breast implants and breast augmentation surgery, turn to the surgeon other surgeons go to. Contact Cincinnati Plastic Surgery to schedule your free surgical consultation today.