What Exactly is Plastic Surgery Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

What Exactly is Plastic Surgery?

What exactly is plastic surgery? You’re probably used to seeing only breast implants and butt lifts in mainstream media. Plastic surgery is so much more than those two procedures. Whether it is a procedure to boost your confidence, or a procedure to fix defects, plastic surgery can do it all! But what do those procedures actually entail? Extremely versatile and expansive, every surgery is individually tailored to each patient. These procedures aim to rebuild facial and body tissue. While creating new tissue based off the previous tissue, this surgery will improve bodily function.


If the invasive part of the surgery frightens you, don’t worry! There is also non-invasive procedures. You won’t ever have to go under the knife. Cincinnati Plastic Surgery offers several of these non-surgical procedures. Dr. Martin is skilled at completing facelifts, laser hair removal, and cool sculpting.

Life gets busy! We totally understand. Sometimes you don’t have the time to dedicate to self-care and that is okay. Dr.Martin has perfected these procedures and created the time for you. A facelift will basically transform your face into looking (and feeling) 5-10 years younger. Laser hair removal makes the busiest of days so much better! You won’t have to worry about shaving or waxing. CoolSculpting is the easiest way to make your dream body a reality. It is a quick and easy procedure that will remove excess fat and tone your body.


At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we are all about helping you feel your best. Confidence is key to a happy successful life. Men and women can opt to pursue this option. We’ll get you looking and feeling your best. Dr. Martin is trained in several body and face procedures. These include rhinoplasty, breast reductions, arm lifts and much more. Check out our website for a detailed description of all of the procedures Dr. Martin can complete.


It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by how complex these procedures may seem. Surgery can seem daunting and impersonal. However, each procedure is personalized to the patient. Before going forward with a surgical procedure, the doctor will talk to the patient to provide full transparency. First, a consultation to discuss your goals. Then, during pre-operation time, the doctor completes a medical history to ensure no complications. After the surgery, the post operation time ensures that the patient is completely okay before sending them home.

With any medical procedure, there are risks. Thus, it is important to talk to a doctor you trust before taking further steps. Dr. Kurtis Martin is an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified doctor with more than 20 years of experience. He knows exactly how to complete your plastic surgery with no issues. Dr. Martin constantly educates himself as the field of plastic Surgery grows and expands. He uses modern rejuvenation techniques to achieve long lasting results. Contact Cincinnati Plastic Surgery today to talk to Dr. Martin and get your dream look!