BBL Surgery Basics Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

BBL Surgery Basics

Are you looking for different ways to increase the volume of your buttocks? At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martin specializes in the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. This specialized type of surgery uses your own body fat to enhance the size of your buttocks. Curious about a BBL? By learning the BBL surgery basics, you can prepare for the surgery and know what to expect when it comes to your recovery.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to choosing someone to perform your BBL surgery, you want to find someone extremely qualified to do your surgery. For any type of plastic surgery procedure, you want to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. This is crucial because it means your surgeon has received the most intensive training on the different surgeries. It also gives you the best outcomes regarding your surgery. When you choose Dr. Martin to perform your BBL, you’ll get a board-certified plastic surgeon who is ready to help.

Before Your BBL

One of the first steps to take is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin. During this consultation, you’ll go over whether you’re a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Some of the ways we’ll determine whether you’re a candidate for a BBL include:

  • Having enough fat for transfer
  • Realistic goals for the surgery
  • A non-smoking lifestyle

Additionally, during your consultation, you’ll go over the surgery itself. This is where you’ll talk about recovery times, how much time you’ll have to take off from work, and other important topics regarding the surgery. Typically following your consultation, you’ll schedule your surgery.

BBL Surgery Process

Leading up to your surgery, you’ll have certain rules you have to follow. It’s important to follow these rules as it can impact the results of your surgery. You’ll find out what you need to do leading up to your surgery and the day of your surgery during your consultation.

During the surgery, Dr. Martin starts with a modified version of liposuction to remove fat from different areas of your body. Some of these areas could include the stomach, arms, thighs, and back. Once the fat is removed, it is purified and injected directly into your buttocks to help enhance its size.

Recovery from BBL Surgery

Following your surgery, you won’t be able to sit directly on your buttocks or apply any pressure for a few weeks. Additionally, you’ll want to sleep on your stomach to avoid unintentionally flattening your buttocks while you sleep. You’ll receive a special pillow for sitting on once you return to normal activity as well.

When it comes to BBL surgery basics, this guide will help you decide if the surgery is right for you. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery will be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. If you’ve wanted to enhance the volume of your buttocks, now is the time to do it. With the summer season right around the corner, it’s important to schedule your surgery with enough time to heal. Considering a Brazilian Butt Lift? Schedule your free consultation today.