Traveling for Plastic Surgery Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Traveling for Plastic Surgery

Are you considering having plastic surgery? Many people think that in order to get the best results, they have to travel far from home. In fact, the opposite is true. If you’re located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the top plastic surgeon is Dr. Kurtis Martin of Cincinnati Plastic Surgery. When it comes to traveling for plastic surgery, it’s best to stay close to home for a number of reasons. If you’re thinking of a specific plastic surgery procedure, read about why it’s best to stay local.

Types of Traveling

Sometimes, people travel for plastic surgery because they want their surgery performed by a famous or well-known surgeon. Other times, people travel for plastic surgery because it costs less money. While traveling to have your surgery performed by a well-known surgeon is okay as long as you have done research before hand, traveling for plastic surgery to save money isn’t the best idea. Ultimately, if you do choose to travel for plastic surgery, make sure you have a support system and plan in place for your recovery.

Check Their Credentials

Regardless of your reason for traveling for plastic surgery, the most important thing you should do before scheduling your surgery is to check your potential surgeon’s credentials. Many people can claim to perform plastic surgery, but to truly be a plastic surgeon, your surgeon has to meet specific criteria. Plastic surgeons are not the same as cosmetic surgeons. If you want to check the credentials of your surgery, you can visit the American Board of Plastic Surgery to verify their credentials online.

Have a Support System in Place

Following surgery, you’ll have restrictions on what you can and cannot do. That’s why having a support system in place is crucial following your surgery. This support system will help you with anything you need following surgery, especially with some of the restrictions in place following surgery.

If your support system is located where you’re interested in traveling for plastic surgery, it won’t be as big of a deal. But it is important that you have close family or friends nearby to help out after your surgery. That’s something that traveling far away for surgery may not have for you.

Develop a Post-Op Plan

Finally, you’ll want to develop a post-op plan. Depending on the surgery you have, you may not be able to fly for a certain period of time following your procedure. Additionally, you’ll want to stay nearby the place you had surgery. Typically, the day after your surgery, you’ll have your first follow-up appointment. Additionally, if you do have a complication following surgery, you’ll want to see your surgeon, which you can’t necessarily do if you’ve already returned home.

At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martin is a top plastic surgeon in the Cincinnati, Ohio, region. He specializes in natural looking, long lasting plastic surgery results. Whether you’re interested in facial plastic surgery, breast plastic surgery, or body plastic surgery, Dr. Martin can help. Interested in plastic surgery that’s close to home? Want to avoid traveling for plastic surgery? Schedule a consultation at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery today.