Types of Cosmetic Surgery Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Are you considering having a plastic surgery procedure? The different types of cosmetic procedures we have at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery will help you look and feel your best. Cosmetic procedures go beyond the “traditional” plastic surgery procedures and includes our dermal fillers and our non-surgical procedures. Wondering about the types of cosmetic surgery and which procedure is right for you? Let Dr. Martin from Cincinnati Plastic Surgery help you find the right procedure.

Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Do you want to improve your facial appearance? Face cosmetic surgery can help. Facial plastic surgery can improve your face as a whole with a facelift. Or, it can improve different areas of your face, including the eyes with an eye lift, nose surgery, chin plants, and more.

Breast Cosmetic Procedures

Breast cosmetic procedures are the most common procedures Dr. Martin performs in the office. When people think of breast procedures, they typically think of breast augmentations, which increases the size of your breasts. But there’s so much more to breast cosmetic surgery, including:

  • Breast lifts
  • Breast reduction
  • Male breast reduction
  • Combination breast lift and breast implants

Breast reductions for women is typically covered by insurance, whereas male breast reduction isn’t. If you’re unsure of the right procedure for you, ask Dr. Martin during your consultation.

Body Cosmetic Procedures

The final aspect of our surgical cosmetic procedures is body cosmetic procedures. A lot of our body cosmetic procedures help to sculpt your body to improve your appearance. Some of the most popular body procedures we offer include:

  • The Mommy Makeover package
  • Tummy tucks
  • Brazilian Butt Lift

If you don’t know what procedure is right for you, you’ll go over it during your initial surgical consultation with Dr. Martin.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Not sure if you want a surgical procedure? We also offer non-surgical procedures. We can help you permanently reduce underarm sweat, sculpt your body, and reduce body hair. Most of our non-surgical procedures require you to come to the office for multiple appointments, so it’s important to schedule your appointments with that in mind. Additionally, we also offer different packages for our non-surgical procedures, including dermaplaning and HydraFacial.

Dermal Fillers

In addition to our surgical and non-surgical procedures, we also offer a number of dermal fillers. Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce wrinkles, regularly build collagen, or plump your lips, we have the right dermal filler for you. Our nurse injector Kimber is one of the best in the industry and will develop a tailor-made dermal filler regimen based on your skin and your goals with using dermal fillers.

The different types of cosmetic procedures will help you look and feel your best. If you’ve thought about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery and didn’t know if it was right for you, Dr. Martin of Cincinnati Plastic Surgery will help you and guide you through the process. Dr. Martin is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Ready to get started with cosmetic surgery? Schedule your consultation at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery today.