How to Prevent Underarm Sweat Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

How to Prevent Underarm Sweat

Now that the summer months are here, do you want to wear more comfortable clothing but worry about underarm sweat? Wondering how to prevent underarm sweat? At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we offer miraDry treatments, which works to reduce underarm sweat in one treatment. These specialized treatments permanently reduce underarm sweat by 80% and has no downtime following the session. Preventing underarm sweat has never been easier when you visit Cincinnati Plastic Surgery.

What is miraDry?

miraDry is one of the non-surgical procedures we offer at our Cincinnati, Ohio, practice. It typically takes one treatment to experience a dramatic reduction in underarm sweat, though some people need two sessions to maximize their results. When it comes to preventing underarm sweat, miraDry is the best way to do it. Additionally, we customize your miraDry treatments to your own specific needs because each person who comes in is unique.

How Does miraDry Work?

When you choose miraDry to help with your underarm sweat, you’ll experience up to 80% less than what you had previously. In order to achieve this, you’ll want to make an appointment with Cincinnati Plastic Surgery.

To start, we’ll map out your underarm based on areas you mention sweating more. From there, we’ll use the applicator to deactivate your sweat glands. This happens by the frequency from the applicator working to turn off your sweat glands. Because your underarm has so few of your body’s sweat glands (only about two percent), it doesn’t affect sweat production anywhere else on your body.

How Long Do Results Last?

When you receive miraDry treatments from Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, you have permanent sweat reduction up to 80%. For the majority of people, all you need is one treatment. However, sometimes people need additional treatments in order to maximize their sweat reduction. If this is the case, we offer a second round of miraDry at a discounted price.

Am I a Candidate for miraDry?

If you want to show your underarms some love this summer, receiving miraDry treatments can help. If you’re embarrassed by underarm sweat or are tired of buying new clothes because of sweat stains, miraDry is a treatment option available for you. In fact, everyone can benefit from miraDry treatments to prevent underarm sweat.

Does Botox Work Also?

Botox is the industry standard when it comes to preventing wrinkles and skin folds from appearing on your face. But, Botox is also good at temporarily stopping underarm sweat as well. This method is FDA-approved, so it’s an acceptable alternative to miraDry. However, Botox is only a temporary solution, whereas miraDry is permanent.

How to prevent underarm sweat? Scheduling an appointment with Cincinnati Plastic Surgery is a great place to start. Considering other surgical or non-surgical treatments? Dr. Martin is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in long lasting, natural looking plastic surgery results. Whether you’re interested in preventing underarm sweat or a specific plastic surgery procedure, Cincinnati Plastic Surgery is here to help. Schedule your consultation today.