Maintaining Dermal Filler Results Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

Maintaining Dermal Filler Results

Are you considering starting to use dermal fillers to improve your facial aesthetics? Whether you want to increase the size of your lips, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or firm up your skin with increased collagen, we have the right dermal filler for you. When it comes to maintaining dermal filler results, there’s many ways you can keep your results. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we offer a number of different dermal fillers and will work with you to determine the best filler for you.

Schedule Regular Appointments

One of the best ways to maintain your dermal filler results is by scheduling regular appointments. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, the different dermal fillers we offer each have specific times they last for. If you liked the way you looked following your first injection, you’ll want to schedule follow-up appointments to maintain your results. For example, Botox lasts about three to four months for most people. If you liked the way you looked following your Botox injections, you’ll want to schedule appointments to stop wrinkles from appearing.

Continue Your Skin Care Routine

Skin care is crucial for keeping your skin healthy. Additionally, it can help maintain your dermal filler results. Even just using a cleanser and moisturizer can help. Using skin care products helps to keep you looking younger, making it a great complement to dermal filler injections.

Need a skin care routine? At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we sell Zo skin care products. Visit the Zo website to see what products will work best for you.

Avoid UV Rays

When choosing your skin care products, you’ll want to make sure there’s SPF to protect your skin from UV rays. The UV rays can prematurely age your skin, in turn affecting the length of time your dermal filler lasts. By protecting your skin with an SPF present in your skin care products, you protect your skin and increase the amount of time between your dermal filler appointments.

Have a Healthy Diet

Did you know a healthy diet can impact the appearance of your skin and help lengthen the amount of time between dermal filler appointments? You want to make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables, as it helps to improve your skin’s appearance. Additionally, you want to make sure you drink enough water. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins from your system and improve the appearance of your skin.

Reduce Stress

Finally, you want to find ways to reduce stress in your life. Stress can negatively affect the appearance of your skin, including causing wrinkles. While Botox and Xeomin can help reduce wrinkles, if you’re stressed, you can cause more wrinkles. From there, you’ll have to schedule more appointments to help reduce wrinkles.

With the tips above, maintaining dermal filler results has never been easier. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we have many kinds of dermal fillers that achieve different looks. Our nurse injector Kimber has honed her craft over the years to help patients enhance their appearance. Looking for dermal fillers or Botox? Schedule your consultation today.