What is a Breast Lift Cincinnati Plastic Surgery

What is a Breast Lift?

Many women want to feel more confident in their bodies. One area of the body that women want to improve is their breasts. All women wish to have youthful, shapely breasts. Unfortunately, genetic factors, breastfeeding, and weight gain lead to undesirable changes in shape. Additionally, the contour of the breast changes. Investing in a breast lift procedure is a great way to improve how your breasts look.

The following is everything you need to know about getting a breast lift.

What is a Breast Lift?

In order to improve the appearance of your breasts, we recommend a mastopexy (breast lift). With a breast lift, you lose some volume. So, if you desire a larger, fuller breast, combine a lift with breast implants. In plastic surgery, you have options for a breast lift.

Types of Breast Lifts

First, you have a circumareolar mastopexy. Noted for its simplicity, this lift provides a minor lift. This lift involves removing a circular piece of skin from around the areola which will leave a small circular scar. Next, for more moderate lifts, turn to a vertical lift. To start, the surgeon removes the skin around the areola and continues down toward the base of the breast (inframammary fold). We call this the “lollipop lift.” However, if a large amount of skin needs to be removed, we use a traditional inverted T or anchor incision. Nowadays, more modern lift techniques now focus on reshaping the breast through internal suturing, resulting in a more conical-shaped breast.

What is the Breast Lift Process?

Most mastopexies require 1-2 hours of surgery. Additionally, the surgery occurs on an outpatient basis. We place the sutures under the skin. By doing this, we reduce the chance of railroad type scarring. No suture removal is necessary. After, a sports bra is worn for 2-3 weeks. Also, normal activity resumes in 2 weeks.

Don’t judge the shape of your breasts right after surgery. Initially, they appear boxy and very high. However, over the next 6-12 weeks, they will drop down and assume a more normal appearance.

Where Can I Get a Breast Lift?

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Why Choose Cincinnati Plastic Surgery?

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