5 most common plastic surgery procedures

5 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Looking for a confidence boost? If you have always taken interest in potentially receiving plastic surgery, let us break down the 5 most common procedures that will possibly suit you! Today, a wide variety of different plastic surgery procedures exist that we tailor to meet your body goals. Plastic surgery is more common than ever nowadays. Nothing should stop you from looking and feeling your best! 


A rhinoplasty, or otherwise known as a nose job ranks as the most common cosmetic procedure performed for many years. This surgery, put simply, reshapes the nose. Although rhinoplasties perform the most popularly, the average individual does not understand what they really do; hence, they are rated as one of the most technically difficult surgeries in the plastic surgery field to perform. Recently, changes in philosophy and advanced technology and techniques equate to the optimal, most natural looking results. Finding an experienced and trusted surgeon matters the most for this procedure.

Breast Augmentation

In addition to rhinoplasty surgery, breast augmentation surgeries perform as one of the most sought after plastic surgeries. Last year over 335,000 women chose breast enlargement surgery according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A breast augmentation uses breast implants or fat to increase the size of the breast.  Breast implants can increase your cup size, improve the shape of the breasts, increase your cleavage, improve asymmetry, and provide minimal lifting. Breast implants will not give you a “breast lift” and cannot improve stretch marks.


Liposuction helps to remove stubborn fat deposits from the areas you do not want them. Sometimes diet and exercise refuse to give you the results you dream of no matter how hard you try. In that case, liposuction will solve all of your problems. This surgery aims to give you a better proportioned and more attractive appearance. With lipo, surgeons target multiple areas of your body you would like to feel more confident about. Treatments occur in areas including the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, legs, arms, and neck.

Tummy Tuck

Have you always struggled with stubborn stomach fat that just will not leave you? A tummy tuck targets this fat precisely. Diet and exercise help to tone the muscle but cannot restore your abdomen to a youthful contour. A majority of women feel the most insecure about their stomach. A tummy tuck removes unwanted fat, excess skin and even stretch marks from your stomach to make it appear thinner and firmer. Nearly over 140,000 tummy tucks occur every year in the U.S.


Lastly, a rhytidectomy, otherwise known as a facelift, helps to give the face a more youthful appearance. What does this mean exactly? A facelift reduces wrinkles, lines, and signs of aging in the face and neck. This procedure aids in lifting and tightening facial tissue. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, you have various options when selecting the right facelift for you. If done correctly, a facelift should appear natural and leave you with confidence and a refreshed appearance without surgical scars.

When considering a plastic surgery procedure, seek the right surgeon and plastic surgery practice that will customize your experience and results to your exact desires. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, we perform all five of these common plastic surgery procedures and more! We care personally about every patient that walks in our doors. We strive to make your plastic surgery experience enjoyable and will walk you through step by step explaining your procedure. Give Dr. Kurtis Martin a call today to book your consultation to learn more about our services!