Common Plastic Surgery Procedures in Cincinnati

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures in Cincinnati

Plastic surgery is a rapidly growing field that offers a variety of services to enhance physical appearance. After all, 16.7 billion dollars was spent on cosmetic procedures in the US alone. Whether you want to reduce wrinkles or reshape your body, plastic surgery can help you achieve the look you desire. At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Martin specializes in many different types of plastic surgery. In this post, we will provide an overview of the more common plastic surgery procedures in Cincinnati that people choose.


One popular procedure is liposuction, which removes excess fat from areas of the body, like the abdomen and thighs. Liposuction is typically used as a body-contouring procedure for those who are at or near their ideal weight. However, they may have areas where fat deposits remain. The fat is removed via a suction device inserted through small incisions in the skin. It is important to note that while liposuction can reduce localized fat deposits in certain areas of the body. However, it cannot eliminate cellulite or tighten loose skin.


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is another plastic surgery procedure that has grown in popularity over recent years. This surgical procedure reshapes and resizes the nose by rearranging bone and cartilage to create a symmetrical shape. Rhinoplasty can be purely aesthetic or reconstructive depending on the patient’s goals and desired outcome. It also helps improve breathing issues caused by structural deformities in the nasal passages due to injury or birth defects.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation (also known as breast enlargement) is one of the most common cosmetic procedures today thanks to advances in technology and materials used for implants. This procedure uses saline or silicone implants placed either under the chest muscle or beneath natural breast tissue to increase volume and size in both breasts. Breast augmentation helps women feel more confident about their physical appearance and often improves self-esteem.

Plastic surgery can provide many benefits when done correctly with experienced professionals who understand how various procedures work best with each individual patient’s unique anatomy and goals for treatment outcomes. If you think these plastic surgery procedures in Cincinnati may be something you are interested in exploring further, consult with a doctor to discuss your options today! Dr. Kurtis Martin is a top plastic surgeon in Cincinnati and is interested in meeting you to discuss your desired outcomes.