An Overview of Facial Plastic Surgery Options

Facial Plastic Surgery: An Overview of Surgery Options

Facial plastic surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that can help you look and feel your best. It is important to understand the various types of facial plastic surgeries available. That way, you can make an informed decision when considering treatment. From non-invasive procedures to more invasive treatments, there are many options for improving your appearance. Let us take a look at some of the most common types of facial plastic surgeries.

Facelift Surgery

A facelift is one of the most popular and effective methods for reducing signs of aging on the face. This procedure involves tightening muscles and removing excess skin in order to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin. A facelift can also improve sagging jowls and other signs of aging like wrinkles and lines. This procedure typically requires a few weeks to heal completely.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure designed to correct droopy or puffy eyelids caused by aging or genetics. The goal of this procedure is to create smoother, younger-looking eyes by removing excess fat pads and skin. Dr. Martin can remove skin from either the upper or lower lids. Eyelid surgery involves making tiny incisions near the lash line to remove fat pads and excess skin. From there, your surgeon stitches the skin at the incision site with dissolvable stitches. While recovery time will vary depending on each patient’s individual circumstances, most patients take about two weeks off from work after this procedure before they feel ready enough to return back to their normal activities.


Rhinoplasty changes the shape or size of your nose in order to improve its overall appearance or function. This type of facial plastic surgery can be used for cosmetic reasons (to give your nose a more aesthetically pleasing shape) or functional reasons (to correct breathing problems). Rhinoplasty usually requires general anesthesia and takes several hours depending on the extent of correction needed; however, recovery time varies from person-to-person depending on how quickly they heal from surgery. Generally speaking, it takes about two weeks for most people before they are able to resume their normal activities again after rhinoplasty surgery.

Facial plastic surgeries offer many different options for improving your appearance or correcting functional issues with your face or nose. It is important to understand all of the different types so that you can make an informed decision when considering treatment options for yourself. Make sure to consult with a qualified physician like Dr. Martin before committing to any type of facial plastic surgery. That way, you know the expected results from a procedure. Call Dr. Martin and the staff at Cincinnati Plastic Surgery to learn more today!