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Bellafill® is known as the Louis Vuitton of fillers, and for good reason. This filler is a league above other fillers in two ways. First, its mechanism of action. While hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane merely plump the facial tissue, Bellafill® is a collagen builder. This means that Bellafill® is not just a band-aid that hides aging. Bellafill® works by promoting collagen growth which fights aging at the cellular level. The collagen proteins increase the strength and resilience of the facial tissue to fight against gravity and aging from the inside out.


Second, while other fillers only last 6 months to a year before being reabsorbed, Bellafill® is FDA approved to last for 5 years. Yes, one treatment has half a decade of results. Think of it as buying your filler rather than renting it!


Bellafill® is a two-stage filler. The injection delivers immediate results by filling the tissue with collagen. To start, this produces an immediate increase in volume. Then, over time, tiny microsphere beads within the solution will work to generate your own collagen in response to the injection. Next, the injection provides an immediate lift, and the microspheres remain in place stimulating collagen growth that provides a beautiful structural base for the face. Even better, Bellafill® works immediately and continues to add volume over time. Did we mention it’s the safest filler? Additionally, Bellafill® has been proven safe through 5 years in the largest and longest prospective dermal filler study ever completed.



Marble Surface


Let’s look at some of the common questions regarding Bellafill.

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Before and after images are a crucial aspect in making decisions. Think of plastic surgery as a form of art and these images depict the result achieved by Dr. Kurtis Martin and his team.

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