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All women wish to have youthful, shapely breasts. Unfortunately, genetic factors as well as breast feeding and weight gain can all lead to undesirable changes in the shape and contour of the breast. To return the breast to a more youthful shape requires a procedure known as a mastopexy (breast lift). With a breast lift some volume will be lost so if you desire a larger, fuller breast an implant will be needed. Many types of breast lifts have been described in the literature.

The simplest type of lift is a circumareolar mastopexy which is used for minor lifts. This lift involves removing a circular piece of skin from around the areola which will leave a small circular scar. For more moderate lifts a vertical mastopexy is indicated. This type of lift is accomplished by removing skin around the areola and continuing down toward the base of the breast (inframammary fold). This is known as the “lollipop lift”. When major amounts of skin need to be removed a traditional inverted T or anchor incision is used. More modern mastopexy techniques now focus on reshaping the breast through internal suturing which allows for a more conical shaped breast. Most mastopexies require 1-2 hours of surgery and are done on an outpatient basis. All sutures are placed under the skin to reduce the chance of railroad type scarring. No suture removal is necessary. A sports bra is worn for 2-3 weeks and you may resume normal activity in 2 weeks.

Don’t be disappointed with the shape of your breasts right after surgery. Initially they will be boxy and very high but over the next 6-12 weeks they will drop down and assume a more normal appearance. Complications can include asymmetry, skin or nipple necrosis, bleeding, infection, and seroma. If you smoke you may not be a good candidate for this procedure (unless you quit). During your consultation with your surgeon ask which technique will be used and be sure to look at before/after photos in order to get a realistic expectation of expected results. Again, if you desire a fuller breast and really want that “wow” factor consider placement of an implant which can be done at the same time as the lift (combination mastopexy/augment). When combining a mastopexy/augment an adjustable saline implant is used which minimizes the chances of post operative asymmetry.

With modern advances in breast lifting surgery one can achieve a natural, shapely breast. If you are considering breast lift surgery choose a board certified plastic surgeon with the experience and skill needed to achieve consistent, beautiful results.

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Surgical Pricing Estimate – $5,000

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