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The forehead is one of the prime areas where the visible signs of aging make themselves apparent. A high hairline, forehead lines, worry (corrugator) lines, and sagging eyebrows can all lend to a tired or angry look. Goals in rejuvenation of the forehead and brow area include lowering the hairline, eliminating forehead wrinkles and lines, elevating saggy eyebrows, and filling areas deficient in soft tissue fill. Nonsurgical procedures for forehead rejuvenation include chemical peels, Botox, and soft tissue augmentation. Surgical options for forehead rejuvenation are discussed below.

Coronal brow lift

Once the gold standard in forehead lifting, coronal brow lift involves removing a strip of scalp from ear to ear and excising the frown lines (corrugators). The forehead skin is then pulled tight causing elevation of the brows and diminished forehead wrinkles. Although the coronal brow lift achieves excellent results, the resulting scar across the scalp (from ear to ear) and the development of new techniques has diminished the popularity of this method. Despite the complications with the “open” brow lift, some surgeons still use this approach as their preferred method of brow lifting. There is nothing wrong with this method if you can accept the resulting scar in the hairline. If you do not desire a large scar, choose an endoscopic brow lift.

Endoscopic brow lift

Developed in the early 1990’s, endoscopic brow lift has the advantages of natural, long lasting results with minimal scarring. The procedure is performed through 5 small hairline incisions (1-2 cm each) which allow for elevation of the brows and resection of the frown muscles via the endoscope. No skin or scalp is removed and fixation is accomplished with 2 small absorbable screws that disappear in 1 year. Sutures are removed in one week and recovery is 1-2 weeks. Since the endoscopic brow lift requires special training, choose a surgeon who has completed a special course in this technique. After performing endoscopic brow lifts for over 12 years, I believe this approach offers a superior, long lasting aesthetic result with the least amount of complications.

Endotine TransBleph

This newer procedure is performed via an upper blepharoplasty incision and involves fixation of the brow with a bioabsorbable implant. This allows the patient to have an upper eyelid lift and brow lift in office without the need for an endoscope. Some frown muscles can be excised with this approach but forehead lines will not be affected. The procedure takes less then 1 hour and has a 1 week recovery. Complications can include palpability of the fixation device. I am currently using this technique in certain brow lift cases. For more information go to

Feather lift/Thread lift

A newer, less invasive method of brow lifting that involves placement of sutures from the brow to the hairline. Currently undergoing intensive research, concerns include palpability of the sutures and lack of longevity. Click here for more information.

If you are seeking forehead rejuvenation, choose a surgeon who possess the training and sophisticated techniques needed to achieve the excellent results you desire. In Sharonville and Dayton, Dr. Kurtis W. Martin has a 12 year experience of extraordinary results in performing forehead rejuvenation.

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Surgical Pricing Estimate – $3,000

Endoscopic Pricing Estimate – $5,000

These prices are NOT offers and merely estimates.

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