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Soft tissue augmentation and jawline contouring typically refer to augmenting (enlarging) areas of the face. However, the hands and body include other common enlargement areas. If you’re looking for simple improvements, soft tissue augmentation, and jawline contouring help. These happen in two ways: through surgery or needle injections.


The commonly enlarged areas include cheekbones, nasojugal grooves, sub-brow area, chin, lips, and jawline. Jawline contouring achieves this. Additionally, wrinkle improvements occur with augmentation. In fact, augmentation may remove wrinkles entirely.


In order to achieve a more youthful look one, consider what caused an aged look in the first place. For some, aging means thinning skin, loss of fat, and drooping of soft tissue.


Overall, this causes a loss of volume and subsequent wrinkling of the skin. Rejuvenation of the face can include surgical and non-surgical means. Surgical methods include facelifts or implants, especially for the chin or cheeks. Non-surgical methods include needle injections of specific products. For the most impressive results, a combination of products may be used. Over the last five years, new product introductions made augmentation and contouring easier than ever. Dr. Martin tends to use these products.

Marble Surface


Let’s look at some of the common questions regarding jaw line contouring.

  • Facelift 2.0
    Facelift surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance. Read More
  • Rhinoplasty
    Surgery of the nose, or rhinoplasty, is the ideal procedure for patients who wish to reshape or resize the look of their nose. Read More
  • Neck Lift
    Neck lift (also called platysmaplasty) is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the neck to address age-related wrinkling and creasing in this area, and provide a smoother, slimmer profile. Read More
  • Blepharoplasty
    An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove skin and to add or remove fat from the eyelids. Read More
  • Lip Lift
    A lip lift is a procedure to elevate the upper lip. It is done either to shorten the distance of an overly long upper lip, or to increase the amount of “red show” for a lip that is naturally very thin. Read More
  • Brow Lift
    A brow lift, also called an eyebrow lift or forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that raises the eyebrows to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines and to lift sagging skin. Read More
  • Jaw Line Contouring
    Chin contouring, also called chin augmentation, is surgery to enhance the shape and size of your chin to bring it into balance with the rest of your facial proportions. Read More
  • Chin Implant
    Jawline contour is a popular procedure for slimming the jawline and creating a more balanced facial profile. Read More


Before and after images are a crucial aspect in making decisions. Think of plastic surgery as a form of art and these images depict the result achieved by Dr. Kurtis Martin and his team.

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