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Ever dream of having the perfect stomach? Everyone desires a flat, tight abdomen with great muscle tone and no excess skin or stretch marks. Working out and getting in shape helps your muscle tone but can not restore your abdomen to a youthful contour. Plastic surgery of the abdomen (tummy tuck) is designed to remove excess skin, stretch marks, and fat. Additionally, the surgery aims to tighten the abdominal wall.


Just like other surgeries, you have options on the type of tummy tuck you’ll receive. Your surgeon will choose the best technique for you. All abdominoplasties are performed in a surgery center or hospital and most require an overnight stay. Typically, we place 1 or 2 drains to remove excess fluid. We remove them in 1-2 weeks. Also, we place sutures under the skin so they don’t need to be removed. Ultimately, you’ll have less pain and less chance of “railroad track” scarring with this method.


In order to diminish the pain associated with tummy tucks, we may use a pain pump. Post-operatively you may shower, walk, and stay active. However, do not lift anything heavy for 4-6 weeks. Complications of an abdominoplasty include tissue necrosis, scarring, hematoma, infection, and seroma. Smoking increases these complications. You must quit 2-4 weeks prior to surgery. Below you’ll find the most common types of abdominoplasty

Marble Surface


Let’s look at some of the common questions regarding tummy tuck surgery.

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Before and after images are a crucial aspect in making decisions. Think of plastic surgery as a form of art and these images depict the result achieved by Dr. Kurtis Martin and his team.

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