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Radio-Frequency Microneedling (RF) is a time tested and proven treatment for skin laxity, acne scarring, and scar revision.


RF microneedling works by using radio waves in conjunction with small needles to encourage the growth of new collagen within the skin. Collagen fibers keep the skin anchored to the tissue below. As we age, these ropes weaken and tear, allowing the skin to separate from the underlying tissue. This creates crepey, lax skin, and wrinkles.


The RF waves gently heat the skin, which damages the existing collagen fibers. Just like muscles responding to a hard workout, the collagen fibers heal themselves stronger than before. The new collagen fibers anchor the skin to the subdermal tissue, reducing the laxity of the skin and increasing its strength and resilience.


Popular areas of treatment for skin laxity include the face, neck, stomach, and thighs. The procedure also helps with acne scarring, especially when combined with Bellafill injectable. Additionally, the procedure aids in improving the texture and appearance of scar tissues including large scars from surgery or accidents.


To finish RF Microneedling off, we include 3 PRP microneedling facials. If you want to improve the quality of your skin, this non-surgical procedure helps. The PRP combined with the microneedling starts a response. Ultimately, it works to recruit stem cells and critical nutrients that replenish the skin as it heals.



Marble Surface


Let’s look at some of the common questions regarding RF microneedling.

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Before and after images are a crucial aspect in making decisions. Think of plastic surgery as a form of art and these images depict the result achieved by Dr. Kurtis Martin and his team.

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