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Breast augmentation is a popular procedure for women who are looking to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. While the procedure itself can be relatively straightforward, it’s important to understand what to expect during the breast augmentation recovery process. By familiarizing yourself with the likely timeline and potential side effects, you can better prepare for this journey and ensure a successful outcome.

Recovery Timeline

The recovery period after breast augmentation will vary from patient to patient, but generally speaking, you should plan on taking one week off of work or school while your body heals. During this time, you may experience some swelling, discomfort, and bruising in your chest area—all of which should subside within 7-10 days. You may also experience some numbness or tingling in the area where incisions were made; this is normal and should improve over time as well.

Your surgeon will likely prescribe medication to help manage any pain or discomfort that you experience during your recovery period. Additionally, they may provide specific instructions on how to care for your incisions as they heal—such as wearing a compression garment or avoiding certain activities—so it is important that you follow those instructions carefully.

Follow Up Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

In the weeks following your surgery, you will likely have several follow-up visits with your doctor so that they can monitor your progress and make sure everything is healing properly. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation after surgery in order to help reduce swelling and aid in muscle relaxation. It’s important that you follow all instructions from your surgeon during this time in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Breast augmentation is an exciting procedure that allows many women to achieve the look they desire for their breasts. However, recovery can often be a long process depending on how quickly each individual heals. By understanding what kind of post-op care is necessary and following all instructions provided by your doctor, you can ensure a successful outcome with minimal complications along the way. For more information on breast augmentation surgery and recovery tips, please contact our office today!

At Cincinnati Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kurtis Martin specializes in breast augmentation surgery in Cincinnati. He will listen to your questions, wants, and needs surrounding your surgery and provide you with his insights. Whether you are interested in just implants or a combination of implants and a breast lift, he is here to help. Call the office today to schedule your plastic surgery consultation and procedure.


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